About Us

About Us

Wrangler Helmets is a premier brand of HELMETS & SAFETY HEADGEAR products in India. Over the past 35 years it has assiduously carved a niche for itself as a quality supplier of Helmets & Accessories across India and beyond. With approvals for exacting standards from Quality Certifying Authorities in India, Wrangler Helmets are known for their safety, comfort and quality of the products.


A visionary management, which has decades of experience and expertise made Wrangler one of the best Helmet brands in India. A motivating force, the management believes in walking the talk, being close to grass roots and an example setter, a virtual role model for their team and a very revered in trade circles as industry trend setters. Integrity and dedication to growth are hallmark attributes of the management at helm.


We at Wrangler Helmets believe in fusion of safety, style and satisfaction of our customers. We have earned our reputation by our conduct: what we say, and more importantly what we do; the product and services we provide; and most important our principle of ‘Quality over Quantity’. Our range of helmets has been approved by Bureau of Indian Standards (IS-4151).


With consistent and sustaining support from over 150 distributors and dealers across the country, our products are available in the nooks and corners of India and a few more countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and UAE. Wrangler Helmets looks to ride the crest of tidal wave and grow to the advantage of all its stake holders including its team, dealers and vendors

Manufacturing facility spread across an area of about 0.5 acres

Certifications from Bureau of Indian Standards

In-house testing laboratory as per BIS IS-4151

In-house Injection Moulding Machines

Semi-automated paint shops

Helmet inner liner stitching facility

Conveyorised assembly line

In-house top of the line semi-automated silicon hard coating facility for visors

In-house foam & cloth lamination facility

Designing and R&D facility

Basic mould making, repair & maintenance facility.